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Welcome to the website of Jim Schuster, Certified Elder Law Attorney. I am one only fourteen certified elder law attorneys in Michigan. Are you are looking for a nursing home in Livonia, caring for a spouse, a concerned child, or a caregiver for an aging elder? You will find help here. Struggling with Alzheimer's Disease or other long term care conditions? Do you need a Michigan Medicaid lawyer who knows Medicaid asset protection? Are you trying to learn what you need to know to be an informed powerful caregiver? You will find help here. My staff and I are ready to help you when you need. Give us a call for an appointment.

Elder Law in Livonia? Eldercare Lawyer? What is it?

Elder law? Eldercare law? What is it? I sometimes hear that lawyers who practice in the elder care are asset protection attorneys or Medicaid attorneys. That is true in part, but only a small part. Elder Law is about that great generation that won World War II, won the Cold War, and built this great country. It's about our parents and grandparents. But, it is more than that. It's about us as caregivers, whether for a parent, a spouse or another. It's about us and our future. It's about our family, our children, the people we hold dear. It's about the life that we love.

If any of the situations we identify here apply to you, give me a call for an appointment. My staff and I are waiting to help you. We look forward to meeting you.

Asset Protection - It's Not About Assets
What are we protecting assets for? What are we protecting against? It may be that the cure is worse than the disease. <read more>
We Let Down the Medicaid Community Spouse. Why?
Nobody tells spouses that they can save everything! Spouses have special protections under Medicaid <read more>
Alzheimer's Disease, What Do We Do?
One of the worst fears of aging is Alzheimer's Disease. What should we do to protect ourselves? What is the first step? <read more>
Medicaid Tips and Tricks
Congress put many little known exemptions, credits, allowances and deductions in Medicaid to protect certain people. <read more>
Estate Planning for Singles, Survivors and Divorced Elders
Who will take care of you when you cannot? Will you and all you own be placed under the supervision of the probate court? <read more>
Care for the Caregiver
Caregiving is a difficult, demanding, dangerous job. How can we protect Caregivers from the "system"? <read more>
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